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FDI (Fund Distribution IntelligenceTM) comprises the most complete sales and asset data collection in the industry, creating transparency into more than $9 trillion of long-term mutual fund and ETF assets across 900+ distributors. This intelligence provides firms with critical information for distribution, product development and sales and marketing to make strategic decisions, effectively allocate resources, and accelerate growth. Data is collected monthly and can be analyzed by channel, geography and more. Please click on the tabs below to view the latest information on long-term mutual fund and ETF assets across distribution channels.

FDI Report Fund Distribution Intelligence Report - Q2'2015

Fund Distribution Intelligence TM

Unique insights into long-term mutual fund and ETF distribution trends by channel.

Select a market segment and the range of data to view.

Trust assets include both personal trust and some retirement business where the trust company is trustee.

Data Source: Access Data, a Broadridge Company

Latest Distribution Insights

The following commentary reflects highlights from Fund Distribution Intelligence (data as of June 30, 2015).

ETFs continue to widen the gap over mutual funds in retail investment channels in the second quarter of 2015 increasing assets in absolute dollars by $265 billion over the past year, and outpacing the $200 billion in mutual fund assets.

Total assets under management increased 14% for ETFs and 6% for LTMFs during the last year.

The RIA channel outpaced all other channels for both ETF and LTMF growth with total AUM growth of $208 billion, more than 1.5x other retail channels. The retail channel grew ETF assets by 20% over last year compared to the 4% growth in mutual funds.