Advanced Data Management, Analytics and Reporting

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Analytics solutions turn information into power by providing you predictive analysis, insights and intelligence to grow your business.

Market Intelligence

Gain increased visibility into account positions and market share across the widest store of distributor data with Access Data Market Intelligence which accounts for more than 95% of the ETF asset flows in the industry. Sales and Marketing Managers now have unprecedented access to a new level of information allowing them to align sales and marketing resources more effectively to provide a competitive edge.

Advisor Intelligence Profiles

A unique and powerful analytics tool that combines fund transactional data from Broadridge with Cogent’s advisor segmentation. This profile tool has been specifically designed to better predict and target advisors that are most likely to use and sell your products.

Global Market Intelligence

Get an integrated, complete view of both European domestic and cross-border funds with this cloud-based platform. It is a combination of Fund File and SalesWatch data, to help you identify large changes in market share and explore market trends.


SalesWatch allows leading fund management groups to track their sales performance against competitors and peers whether globally, by region, by country and by distribution channel.


A powerful web-based solution that provides information and analytics to help you define market opportunities, qualify prospects and access competitive intelligence.


FundFile is a tool to determine product sales trends and market evolution.