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FundFile for Asset Managers

FundFile is a powerful research tool specially designed for the European and Asian fund industry. A data mine of exceptional depth and breadth, FundFile tracks over 80,000 funds sold globally each month and provides comprehensive information - not only on the funds but also the companies that sell them. Company and fund profiles are accessible at the click of a mouse whilst the Report Generator helps subscribers to see how different markets are really working.

The online tool is a powerful report generator to track assets and net sales by:

  • Tracking product preferences by market
  • Monitoring new product launches by competitor
  • Ranking sales progress against peers
  • Understanding the dynamics beneath the headline data for each market
  • Determining strategy and sales targets based on real data and analyze many more issues

By providing independent and verifiable statistics our bespoke reports greatly assist the decision making required in the creation of informed, successful strategic and product development plans.

FundFile Tailored Reports can be ordered as one-offs or as a series of regular updating overviews to monitor changing marketplace preferences.