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SalesWatch for Asset Managers

SalesWatch addresses the endemic lack of data transparency in the global marketplace for cross-border Funds. It is the only tool which gives cross border groups the real data needed to understand where business is sourced and to gauge success against peers.

Features and benefits

  • Data confidentiality - accessible only to groups contributing data. Information is presented in aggregate.
  • Quality service - Member groups gain unique access to strategic market intelligence to help them identify market opportunity, benchmark sales progress and strengthen positioning.
  • SalesWatch Online - the web-based database offers the latest monthly data set giving you the earliest view of market trends available.
  • Bridge Report - a web-based report which links SalesWatch and FundFile (Lipper database with domestic fund data). Bridge Report is available to all SalesWatch members who subscribe to both databases.
  • Report generation - create bespoke reports that automatically update each month. Prepare management reports based on fact rather than conjecture.
  • Sales View - a review of latest sales trends in the key global markets and regions.
  • Market View - a monthly analysis of key global markets commenting on foreign versus domestic activity, highlighting the drivers of current sales growth and the different dynamics affecting both cross-border and domestic players.
  • Seminars - participate in the popular member update seminars, the forums for discussion on future business trends.