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Intermediary Fee Management

Intermediary Fee Management Solutions for Mutual Fund Distribution Payouts

Manage mutual fund distribution payouts, with Access Data Intermediary Fee Management solution which enables finance and accounting managers to mitigate risk associated with manually processing third-party distribution payments and servicing fees. Streamlines the storage, calculation, reconciliation and reporting of fees for all products across distribution channels with Intermediary Fee Management reducing the risk of incorrect payments. Advanced workflow technology supports the review and approval of payments based on management levels or dollar tiers. Creates the financial controls and audit trails for payment signoff and the export of instructions to fund accounting and finance agents.

Intermediary Fee Management can be used in conjunction with the DTCC OmniSERV Automated Invoicing Service or as a comprehensive stand-alone solution that integrates directly with a broker-dealer’s invoicing system, features include:

  • Streamline payment processing
  • Improves the accuracy of payment calculations
  • Increases the efficiency of invoice reconciliations