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Multi State Tax

Gain unprecedented transparency into the underlying data held in omnibus accounts across distribution channels, and manage U.S. state and local – as well as international – tax obligations more accurately and efficiently with Access Data Tax Allocation Management.

Our solution combines shareholder data with a flexible rules engine for calculating complex revenue schedules to produce results by product, state and country. Our reports provide the underlying shareholder positions by city, state, zip code, and country, thereby giving mutual fund and ETF clients the information necessary to meet both domestic and foreign tax-reporting requirements.

Among other benefits, our Tax Allocation Management solution:

  • Provides accurate and efficient estimation of state and local tax obligations 
  • Delivers substantiating data for domestic and foreign tax reporting
  • Calculates state sales factors used in filing state and local taxes, by product and state
  • Supplies country-specific direct and indirect shareholder percentages for reclaiming foreign taxes
  • Eliminates need for error-prone spreadsheets
  • Enables powerful reporting platform for multiple uses